Fyrinnae Velvet-Gel Silica Primer

Fyrinnae Velvet-Gel Silica Primer


Fyrinnae Velvet-Gel Silica Primer

Fyrinnae Velvet-Gel Silica Primer

Let me begin by saying that this is my current “HG” face primer for a niche brand category.  This primer is unbelievable.  It was able to defy any oil leaking around my T-zone on a warm, humid day like today.  Even the best face primer I’ve tried, like Laura Mercier’s, cannot seem to withstand the humidity and a ‘lil amount of oil would still leak out especially around my nose, where I also tend to rub off more frequently due to severe seasonal allergies.  So what’s in this tube which makes it deserve an HG status.

According to Fyrinnae:

Fyrinnae Velvet- Gel Silica Primer: Contains NO silicones! With over 50% micro-silica spheres, this thin gel primer creates a smooth finish, blurring fine lines and pores, that not only can help stop excess oil, but allows any type of foundation to be applied more evenly (does not work as well with foundations containing silicone/dimethicone).


Fyrinnae Velvet-Gel Silica Primer

Fyrinnae Velvet-Gel Silica Primer

Fyrinnae Velvet-Gel Silica Primer

Fyrinnae Velvet-Gel Silica Primer Bottom: After 5 seconds of application it starts to dry

My Thoughts:

Fyrinnae Velvet-Gel Silica Primer is very lightweight and glides like a gel but once it touches and blends evenly on the skin it just disappears like magic.  You only need the tiniest bit, like a pea-sized amount, to work with and it is enough coverage for your entire face.  If you apply more than the recommended amount, it will tend to be streaky or flaky.  It lasted an average of 13 hours on me and 10 hours on my T-zone area and on the next hour or so my foundation starts to fade.  I don’t consider myself as someone who got the oily skin type, I got dry skin most of the year and turns into the combination type during humid seasons.


What I love about this primer, it’s not only very affordable but it does what it claims to do.  I am always a fan of primers that doesn’t have any silicones, because silicones tends to clog your pores due to its much  bigger size.  Now, let me clarify that silicon is different from silicones.  Silicones are great to mask your pores that are already been clogged so that you will look flawless and poreless for a day.  But have you wondered, Why I kept masking my clogged pores by clogging it more?  Did I made sense here?

Fyrinnae Velvet-Gel Silica Primer

Fyrinnae Velvet-Gel Silica Primer: Note the Size

You can also mix this with water, say a 1:1 ratio, or mix it with your daily moisturizer or sunscreen.  I usually apply this after I put on my moisturizer before I apply my BB cream or foundation.  You guys should definitely give this a try.  It only costs $7 and that’s only a fraction of the cost of my Laura Mercier Face primer.


What’s the best silicone-free face primer you’ve tried so far?


Charisma’s Rating:   A+ 

Overall Quality: 10/10     Formula: 10/10     Pigmentation: 10/10     Application: 10/10     Longevity: 10/10

Price: $7.00 /1.0 fl. oz. bottle

Where to Buy Fyrinnae Velvet-Gel Silica Primer:  Fyrinnae’s website

I purchased this!

Cruelty-free:   Yes

Vegan:   Yes

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