“I always find my skin color unique.  I devour to wind up concocting 2-3 different foundations to achieve the perfect blend.  I’m either a Mac NW43 or a Mac NC45.  I also got extremely dry skin during the winter and surprisingly becomes a combination skin type during hot, humid seasons.  I tan very quickly in 10 minutes tops, but I never burn.  I got warm undertones and got moderately pigmented lips so some colors appears either too red or orange on me.  I call myself a “mutt”: I’m a mixed of Filipino, Spanish and African American.  I wrote this blog to help women of mixed races as well as all women of color, to prove that it’s possible for makeup brands to break stereotypes and not only cater on selective skin tones”. – Charisma Starke


Who is Charisma Starke?

She is a Clinical Lab Scientist, Fashion and Beauty connoisseur and a beauty blogger from the Midwest. She’s born and raised in the Pearl of the Orient seas, the Philippines, specifically in the Queen City of the South, Cebu. She now currently resides in the Corn Capital of the Midwest, Southwest Iowa, with her husband, Nick and their dog, Bruno. This Blog was created thru the loving efforts of her hubby due to 2 known facts: (1) He can never make her stop from buying, trying and exploring makeup (2) As a Software Engineer, maintaining a blog is something he loves to do on his leisure. In short, this is something they both enjoy of doing: Makeup and Software.

Here you will find: Reviews on beauty products, quick and easy step-by-step makeup tutorials, dupes and “mixed ups” and a lifestyle blog which features recipes, travelogue and what’s the latest in the medical field. When it comes to reviews, she works 12-hour shifts, which is a plus when testing makeup and beauty products in terms of application, longevity and product overall performance. As a reference, she’s a Mac NW43 (Studio sculpt liquid) or NC45 (Studio fix powder) with warm undertones for skin tone and a dry to combination skin type.

This blog is conceptualized by both herself and her husband, because she adores beauty to the extremes and in various formats.  It’s an achievement maintaining this blog thru the years.  Charismafull.com has gained increased viewership and returning visitors.  She also hosts her YouTube Channel: Charismafulltv. And you can always follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter: @Charismafulltv.



All opinions expressed are of my own and are not influenced whatsoever by the companies featured. It will also be stated if the products or services are either: press samples, purchased by me or affiliated links. We don’t do paid positive reviews. If you are a company and would wish to feature your product or services please do not hesitate to contact me: charisma@charismafull.tv or do use my Contact page.

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